A Guide To Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines

I’d like to recommend this TERRIFIC booklet, A Guide to Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines written and published by Robin Houghton at Telltale Press.  Robin kindly sent me a copy as generous thanks for a tiny contribution I made to the booklet, updated and re-issued for 2020.  Priced at only £6 (including P&P) for UK – slightly more for Europe and the rest of the world – this little but mighty book is jam-packed with practical and plainly-written information and advice for anyone wanting to develop their publishing profile in UK magazines, both in print and online.

A Guide to Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines

The booklet has eight sections, with quotes from current UK poetry editors threaded throughout, including snippets of their thoughts about what they would like to see more of in submissions, and what makes them accept or reject a poem.

There is information about where to find addresses for magazines, how to approach editors, how to prepare your submission, thoughts about being ready to send work out, keeping your submissions organised, dealing with rejection and acceptance, and suggestions for further resources.  There is a helpful list of over 30 magazines with clear information about price, names of editors and recent contributors.

For yourself, your writing group, or for a friend who’s looking to publish their work and build their publication credits, this is a superb publication.  Thanks and congratulations on it, Robin!  You can buy A Guide to Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines here.

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