New poems, reviews and visual pieces

I have two new poems, ‘To Love One Another’ and ‘True Crime’ in The North magazine, Issue 66, (the ‘Apart Together’ issue) available to pre-order here. In the same publication, I’ve reviewed new poetry collections by Katherine Stansfield (Seren Books), Maria Taylor (Nine Arches Press) and Jackie Wills (Arc Poetry).

I’m continuing to post new visual pieces, at least once a month, at @andothermaterial, an Instagram account for my visual poetry, collage poems, mixed media, experiment, playfulness and seriousness. I’m delighted that a recent piece of my visual work has been selected by the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England to be made into a badge for a symposium on Printed Poetry at the Arnolfini arts centre in Bristol in October. First time I’ve been published on a badge!

In the meantime, here is a series of pieces I’ve made that engage with ideas about ageing, in particular the kind of language used when discussing and reporting the deaths of older people in the pandemic. In making these pieces, I was influenced by an article COVID ageism as a public mental health concern by Eva-Marie Kessler and Catherine E Bowen published in The Lancet, October 2020.

‘Against Ageism: They Were Old Anyway’ by Josephine Corcoran, July 2021
‘Against Ageism: They Didn’t Have Long Left’ by Josephine Corcoran, July 2021
‘Against Ageism: They’ve Had Their Day’ by Josephine Corcoran, July 2021

And here is another piece, again working with natural, found materials from my garden, this time a pot of pansies, grown old, that considers age in a different way.

‘Against Ageism: They Haven’t Stopped Growing’ by Josephine Corcoran, July 2021

9 thoughts on “New poems, reviews and visual pieces”

  1. Look forward to seeing all your pieces in The North – my favourite poetry journal🙂.
    I continue to appreciate your pictorial work that is so lovely yet so incisive.
    And a badge – woohoo!

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