The image is of two books written by Josephine Corcoran. The first one is called 'The Misplaced House'. It is predominantly black and white and has a photograph of two children and a mongrel dog on the cover. The second is called 'What Are You After?' and is predominantly blue.

Updates to my ‘about me’ page

I’ve recently made a few changes to this website/blog, including changing the site’s WordPress theme and updating my ‘About/Contact’ page. Like other WordPress users, I’ve found some of the recent technical changes to WordPress difficult to navigate and I’ve considered switching to a different platform (maybe Substack? Are any of you using that?). But, for now at least, I’ll stay where I am.

Adjusting to the recent changes at WordPress has made me question why I maintain a blog/website at all. The main reason is my desire to keep an online presence so that readers and potential readers, and collaborators, can easily find my work. I’ve also used the site as a means of sharing and raising the profile of various projects I’ve been involved in – residencies, workshops, readings and festivals, for instance. Since the pandemic, most of my work away from my writing desk has stopped, so there is little to write about with that regard. From the way things look at this moment, I can’t envision that changing any time soon – but, who knows?

Anyway, I wanted to share this update with you. Signing off for now. Away from my writing desk, I’m currently reading a book for review, with a deadline looming, so I’d better return to that. As always, thanks for visiting this blog.

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