The image shows a published poem by Josephine Corcoran hidden behind a yellow notebook and a pen

Two New Poems in Magma Poetry and Raceme magazine

I have new poems out in current issues of two poetry magazines. Magma has published my poem ‘Seen while walking: one high-heeled boot, black suede, in a public flower bed’ in its ‘Solitude’ issue. This is my first time in Magma after submitting multiple times. This poem was one of a series I wrote last year while taking part in ‘Walk to Write’ an online course offered by Sarah Byrne at The Well Review. It coincided with a time of being alone or with my immediate family for long periods, during various lockdowns, and going for daily walks around the town where I live, noticing and sometimes taking a photo of things I saw. Apparently there were over 5000 poems submitted for consideration so I’m feeling very lucky to have sidled in this time!

I also have a poem in Bristol-based literary magazine Raceme, my second time in this publication. ‘Last Chance, Strawberries’ is both a love poem to my husband, Andrew, and a love letter to the view of Stonehenge from the A303 – currently under threat by ridiculous plans to build a tunnel there. I wrote this poem in 2018 (or began it then) when I was awarded a bursary from Ginkgo Projects/Bloor Homes to create new work in response to the landscape in and around Amesbury. I wrote a bit about my bursary here. Another poem I wrote for this project is forthcoming in another publication. Gradually, these poems are coming into the light!

I’m very grateful to the editors of these magazines for reading and publishing my work. In other news, just announced, an open-mic event at Drawing Projects UK in Trowbridge on Saturday, 3 September, 2-4pm. More details here and bookable via Eventbrite here. Do come if you don’t live too far away.

6 thoughts on “Two New Poems in Magma Poetry and Raceme magazine”

  1. Well done on your acceptances, Josephine! We plod on with our submissions, don’t we? My work was declined by Raceme (disappointed Bristolian!), but The North has accepted a poem that is very dear to me about the death of my Father. Look forward to seeing you at the open-mic. S x

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    1. Oh well done on The North, Sarah! I also have a poem coming out there, I’m thrilled. Yes, much plodding but sometimes we’re rewarded. It will be wonderful to see and hear you at the open-mic ❤️


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