Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage

I enjoyed hearing Poet Laureate Simon Armitage's poem 'Ark' on BBC Radio 4 this week.  The poem was written to commemorate the launch of the UK's new polar research ship, the 'Sir David Attenborough'. Here is a clip of Simon Armitage reading the poem: https://twitter.com/BBCr4today/status/1177172927478976513   and here is a link to the poem on … Continue reading Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage

Notes from a Cluttered Desk

Like Julie Mellor and many others in the Poetry Blogging Network, I try to put something up on this blog each week.  Like Julie, I don't always manage it but, also like Julie, I thought I'd try again this week.  I don't always have something to say so I wonder if it's worth blogging.  At … Continue reading Notes from a Cluttered Desk

Mid-September Notes

I'm just back from a few days in Spain with my family.  I felt bad about flying, even though I haven't flown since I went to Portugal in 2015.  I will try not to fly again for at least a year, maybe longer.  I haven't signed up for the #flightfree2020 pledge but I am thinking … Continue reading Mid-September Notes

Sarah Hymas’ poem at And Other Poems in this year’s Forward Prizes

Most of you know that I founded and edited a poetry site called And Other Poems for six years and retired the site at the end of 2018. One of my final jobs as editor was to nominate three poems for the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem and I'm pleased to say that Sarah … Continue reading Sarah Hymas’ poem at And Other Poems in this year’s Forward Prizes


I wasn't going to blog today but started playing around with words and images after spending some time in the garden. lavender has lost its purple like it's been through a hot wash     left out in the rain leaves rust     roses have dropped pink litter on burnt grass   fat pigeon … Continue reading September

Hating on Phone Culture

If you want to see real anger, read some of the comments in response to Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett's Guardian piece Art, aura and the doomed search for the perfect selfie.  Although Cosslett writes that she has discovered that "even to suggest that to look at a painting through a phone is a lesser form of … Continue reading Hating on Phone Culture

The Day before GCSE Results Day

I originally wrote this post four years ago, the day before my oldest child took her first public exams.  That same child is now in her second year at university and the second one is about to leave for university in September.  I thought I'd share the post again as it's GCSE Results Day here … Continue reading The Day before GCSE Results Day

Staring at Earth

    We stood to stare at our planet Some of us knelt, offered up our phones Children said they wanted to go home   Words and photos by Josephine Corcoran from an art installation by Luke Jerram, Gaia - The Earth at Wills Memorial Building, Bristol.

Kathy Pimlott and David Clarke reading at Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge

Two award-winning poets, Kathy Pimlott and David Clarke, are reading at Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge on Saturday, September 7 (2-4pm).  This event is organised by Josephine Corcoran and Trowbridge Stanza.  Everyone is welcome and there will also be the chance to read your own poems at the open-mic.  Tickets are £5 on the door.  Read … Continue reading Kathy Pimlott and David Clarke reading at Drawing Projects UK, Trowbridge

Collage Poems

I'm re-sharing some of my collage poems from the recent past.  These were written for an Instagram competition (#aquietpassionpoetrycompetition) run by The Poetry School and Soda Pictures ('A Quiet Passion' was their biopic of Emily Dickinson released two years ago).  The judges stated that they wanted to see "poems which use the concentrated visual qualities … Continue reading Collage Poems