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book for header May 2015

My pamphlet has now sold out. Copies are stocked in London at The Poetry Library and I have donated  three copies to Wiltshire Libraries.  I have a few copies which I will be selling at readings. Please get in touch with any queries.

The Misplaced House, was published by the British small press tall-lighthouse on November 30th, 2014.  Very sadly, Gareth Lewis, owner and editor at tall-lighthouse, died in June 2016 so at the present time it is not possible to order tall-lighthouse books from their website.  This is how Gareth described The Misplaced House on its back cover:

The Misplaced House is the first poetry pamphlet from Josephine Corcoran.  A free-wheeling work shot through with intelligence, political commitment and a fine aesthetic sense, Corcoran swoops fearlessly in and out of the rooms of The Misplaced House and finds the strange, the beautiful and the unexpected in even the most prosaic of situations.

Other comments from the back of the book:

Her eye looks inward to stories of house and home, a Catholic childhood, memories of family, but outwards too, connecting to events in the wider world – the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Iranian Embassy siege – in a way that lends resonance to both.  Tender, fierce, sometimes blackly comic, these poems will lodge in your mind. – Esther Morgan

These are passionate, engaged poems that explore the territory between public and private, between domestic space and the wider world.  Poets usually limit their poems to dealing with one or the other.  Josephine Corcoran has an enviable ability to move easily between the two: integrating terrorists, drones and other threats to well being and security into the fabric of home and family. – Vicki Feaver

Reviews for The Misplaced House:

Alison Brackenbury in Under the Radar magazine, Issue 16, Feb 2016, called The Misplaced House

Josephine Corcoran’s striking, intense first pamphlet.

Read Robert Peake’s review is at The Huffington Post.

Helena Nelson’s review at Sphinx Reviews here.

Claire Trévien’s review at Sabotage Reviews here. Claire named The Misplaced House as one of her favourite pamphlets in the #pamphletparty feature.

Maria Taylor wrote about The Misplaced House on her blog here.

Emma Lee reviewed The Misplaced House here.

A microreview from Sarah James here.

Delighted to have had a mention on the blogs of Isabel Rogers, Robin Houghton, Abegail Morley,  and Hilaire.

Some reviews at Amazon.

Sam Smith,  in The Journal, Issue 45, said The Misplaced House was

Quite quite brilliant.


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