‘Whistle’ by Martin Figura

Just wanted to say what a deeply moving and uplifting experience it was to see Martin Figura's show, 'Whistle', based on his award-winning 2010 poetry collection of the same name which tells the story of  the events leading up to and following the killing of Martin's mother, June, at the hands of his father. I saw… Continue reading ‘Whistle’ by Martin Figura

Review of ‘Riddance’ by Anthony Wilson

Reading the poems in Anthony Wilson's Riddance I had the sensation of walking through a large house, switching on lamps and spotlights to illuminate not immediately visible nooks and crannies.  Nowhere is there one garish light explaining everything at once and, although the book is divided into five sections, I felt inclined to move freely… Continue reading Review of ‘Riddance’ by Anthony Wilson

‘Jawbreakers’: Small and scrumptious sips of fiction

In our age of sound-bites, pop-up shops, instant on-line publishing and short attention spans, it is entirely fitting that Calum Kerr has launched a national day to celebrate the art of the short, short-story, National Flash-Fiction Day, taking place on Wednesday, 16th May, 2012. From my first furry-tongued breath on New Year's Day, and daily… Continue reading ‘Jawbreakers’: Small and scrumptious sips of fiction