On Being Shortlisted for The Bridport Prize (Flash Fiction)

There was a delicious flurry of excitement on Twitter yesterday afternoon when several people tweeted about being shortlisted for The Bridport Prize.  The actual winners won't be announced until October 14th but those shortlisted have been notified.  None of these people are winners (although they certainly aren't losers!) and won't be published in the Winners'… Continue reading On Being Shortlisted for The Bridport Prize (Flash Fiction)

Poem or Flash Fiction? You decide!

I'm pleased to have another small story, 'Snowdrops', on Paragraph Planet today.  Paragraph Planet publishes a daily story; no line breaks are allowed, all writing is presented in one small paragraph and must be of exactly 75 words, including the title. However, when I started writing 'Snowdrops, I wasn't sure if it was a line… Continue reading Poem or Flash Fiction? You decide!

Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories now available at Amazon

Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories, an anthology of 53 flash fictions edited by Rachel Carter, featuring writers from all over the South West of England (including me) is now available to buy at Amazon.

This time it’s my certificate stuck on the fridge!

Much as I love it, our kitchen will never be featured in the Style supplement of any glossy magazine. Nor will our fridge ever slink down any runway in any fashion shoot. Purely functional, a handy place to store the milk, and a useful display point for shopping lists, reminders, photos and the occasional  postcard.… Continue reading This time it’s my certificate stuck on the fridge!

‘Jawbreakers’: Small and scrumptious sips of fiction

In our age of sound-bites, pop-up shops, instant on-line publishing and short attention spans, it is entirely fitting that Calum Kerr has launched a national day to celebrate the art of the short, short-story, National Flash-Fiction Day, taking place on Wednesday, 16th May, 2012. From my first furry-tongued breath on New Year's Day, and daily… Continue reading ‘Jawbreakers’: Small and scrumptious sips of fiction

Thanks to 1000words for publishing my flash-fiction, ‘Friday’

Delighted to have a 200 word story on 1000words today.  1000words is a National Flash-Fiction day project managed by writer Natalie Bowers.  It features stories of 1000 words and under, inspired by Pinterest images. My story, 'Friday', is deeply autobiographical and entirely fictional. If you look closely at the Pinterest image which inspired my story,… Continue reading Thanks to 1000words for publishing my flash-fiction, ‘Friday’

In memory of Marmalade, a rescued street cat with attitude, who inspired a tiny story

My brother and I lived with an older sister when we were young.  One day my teenage brother carried home a battered cardboard box  from an East London building site he was working on as an apprentice.  Inside was a scrawny kitten with matted, marmalade-coloured fur.  Someone had brought the kitten to the site.  If… Continue reading In memory of Marmalade, a rescued street cat with attitude, who inspired a tiny story

Thanks to Flash-Fiction South West for publishing my story ‘Reward Chart’.

I'm in the middle of planning another writing workshop for Trowbridge Museum at the moment, 'Writing Flash-Fiction', so it was a lovely surprise to have a piece of flash fiction accepted by Flash-Fiction South West!  You can read my story 'Reward Chart' here: http://flashfictionsw.co.uk/2012/04/16/reward-chart/

Lovely to have my story ‘The Weight and the Shape’ on National Flash Fiction Day’s website

Very happy to be involved with National Flash Fiction Day on May 16th.  You can read my story, 'The Weight and the Shape' on their wonderful website.  Lots of information about competitions, submissions and everything FlashFiction is up there too. http://www.nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/josephinecorcoran.html

Very pleased to have a tiny story on Paragraph Planet today

My 75 word story, 'Competition', is featured on the creative writing website, Paragraph Planet, today. You can read it here: 'Competition' by Josephine Corcoran