Notes from a Cluttered Desk

Like Julie Mellor and many others in the Poetry Blogging Network, I try to put something up on this blog each week.  Like Julie, I don’t always manage it but, also like Julie, I thought I’d try again this week.  I don’t always have something to say so I wonder if it’s worth blogging.  At other times, blogging seems like another displacement activity – blogging … Continue reading Notes from a Cluttered Desk

My poetry book What Are You After? reviewed at Never Imitate book blog

I am extremely grateful to writer and book blogger Jackie Law for writing about my poetry book, What Are You After? (Nine Arches Press)  on her excellent blog. Jackie Law reviews a wide variety of books on her site and is Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon and a Top 1% Reviewer on Goodreads.  In recognition of her work supporting small presses, independent publisher Influx Press named … Continue reading My poetry book What Are You After? reviewed at Never Imitate book blog

Poet Bloggers 2018 Revival Tour

I’m a pretty regular blogger but I have let things slip a bit recently, mostly because I’ve been busy doing other kinds of writing.  In a bid to up my game,  I’ve been kindly added to this list of poet bloggers who are trying to blog weekly in 2018. You can also add yourself to the list if you’re a poet and you’d like to … Continue reading Poet Bloggers 2018 Revival Tour

UK Poetry Blogs of the Year

My websites have received a very nice mention from Matthew Stewart at Rogue Strands.  In his round-up of  The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2016, Matthew says Josephine Corcoran runs And Other Poems, which is one of the best e-zines on the U.K. poetry scene, but she’s also a prolific blogger, chronicling her personal journey through verse. So that’s what I’m doing!  Thanks for the mention, … Continue reading UK Poetry Blogs of the Year

How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

This is an update of my previous post about formatting poetry in WordPress because someone asked me how to format a prose poem this week and I realised I hadn’t mentioned how to do that before. The two most useful poetry formatting tips I’ve learned are: Use ‘Text’ Editor rather than ‘Visual’ Editor. Adding the following HTML code     (to be clear, the code you … Continue reading How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

Blogging for Winchester Poetry Festival 2016

Hot on the trails of my post about the joys of poetry festivals, I’m happy to tell you that I will be the official Blogger at this year’s Winchester Poetry Festival which will take place October 7 – 9. I will be posting my Festival Blogs on this site, as well as tweeting poetry snippets from my Twitter and Facebook accounts and sharing a few candid poetry … Continue reading Blogging for Winchester Poetry Festival 2016

After the Aldeburgh Eight Seminar 2015

I’ve been back in Wiltshire for over a week, after three days at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and five days on a rural writing retreat at Bruisyard Hall in Suffolk, as one of this year’s Aldeburgh Eight.  I had an amazing time, I’m so glad I applied for a place, and I’m still processing the whole experience of my eight day poetry bonanza.

be happy

I’ve read some wonderful blogs about the Festival by Robin Houghton, Fiona Moore, Chrissy Williams and Maria Taylor which will give you a flavour of what it was like.

Here are a few of my many highlights. Continue reading “After the Aldeburgh Eight Seminar 2015”

A few links for National Poetry Day UK

Yes, it’s that’s time of year again.  It’s National Poetry Day in the UK.  Here are a few posts I’ve read this morning which you might also enjoy. A gentle, interesting, contemplative post from Anthony Wilson who seems to be countering the imperative mood of the beautifully designed slogans from this year’s National Poetry Day campaign with his question “Am I a Poet?” Jo Bell, meanwhile, is … Continue reading A few links for National Poetry Day UK

On not blogging and putting your poems first

I’ve been absent from here of late, really since I got back from my holiday in Portugal, and it’s mainly because I’m trying to plough on with my poetry writing, especially as I’m taking a break from paid work.  I feel that I need to make the most of my free time as I’m never too sure how long it will last.  At the age I … Continue reading On not blogging and putting your poems first

Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

My poetry site And Other Poems turned three years old in August.  What started as an uncluttered  place for my own poems has grown into an online anthology of over 350 poems by more than 250 poets, archived at The British Library, and viewed more than 125,000 times.  In September 2015, my post ‘Three poems by Tania Hershman’ was featured at Freshly Pressed (thank you, Tania!). I wrote about … Continue reading Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.