Dear Editors – Here are my Poems!

I had a bit of a chuckle at this Facebook post from poet and Editor of Prole magazine, Brett Evans: Are there any fellow editors out there who find submissions without so much as a hello rude? No cover letter or bio I can forgive but no hello! I know the work should speak for … Continue reading Dear Editors – Here are my Poems!

A few recommendations

I've run out of time to write a post this week.  Instead, here are a few links to pieces I've enjoyed reading.  Hope you might enjoy them too. One A good interview between Abegail Morley and Jo Bell about Jo's most recent poetry collection Kith (Nine Arches Press). Jo talks us through submitting to publishers, waiting … Continue reading A few recommendations

Poetry and Self-Promotion

This post has been prompted by a letter I received, out of the blue, from a Writing student who's composing a research essay about the connections between getting published and "self-promotion in contemporary poetry in the UK."  The letter goes on to say that "self-promotion is a rather poor term...... and that online sharing of work......connecting with other … Continue reading Poetry and Self-Promotion

Low Blogging Energy, High Writing Energy!

Is this a thing?  I think I'm experiencing it!  I'm ploughing through my unfinished poems and despatching them to magazines at rates previously unknown to me.  I have eight poems out with four different magazines.  As most magazines take between 4 - 8 months to respond to submissions, I've decided to send them in twos … Continue reading Low Blogging Energy, High Writing Energy!

Poetry blogs and blogs by poets, etc.

It's that eerie time between Christmas and New Year when all the clocks and calendars seem bewitched.  There might be a plate of Stollen and a cup of eggnog at your elbow, another mince pie and a mug of liquorice tea nestling against your mouse.  You might be thinking about poetry blogs: starting one, finding some … Continue reading Poetry blogs and blogs by poets, etc.

Announcement about And Other Poems

In August 2012 I started a poetry blog, an uncluttered, ad-free site, called And Other Poems. Two years, 262 poets and more than 425 poems later, And Other Poems is going to take a rest.   There will be five more posts next week so please don't abandon ship yet. If you haven't been following, … Continue reading Announcement about And Other Poems

Poems to inspire you for #napowrimo!

April is almost here and if you're one of the many, many people whose inkwell is full to the brim in readiness for NaPoWriMo there are over 300 poems on my poetry site, And Other Poems, to inspire you.   If ekphrasis is your thing, I've gathered poems inspired by art onto my page … Continue reading Poems to inspire you for #napowrimo!

A poetry blog, zine or journal: why you should

A poetry blog, to many people, is a site for their own poems but my poetry blog, And Other Poems, is different because I post other people's work and invite submissions.  I suppose And Other Poems could more accurately be described as a zine or a journal but it's blog technology I'm using and, anyway, … Continue reading A poetry blog, zine or journal: why you should

Call for poems for Chinese New Year

15 horse-inspired poems now live on And Other Poems! 31st January 2014 is the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Horse.  And Other Poems will run a special post featuring poetry inspired by horses.  If you'd like your poems to be included, please submit in the body of an email or in … Continue reading Call for poems for Chinese New Year

Three popular poets on And Other Poems

    In 2013 And Other Poems received over 40,000 views from 120 countries. Most visitors came from the UK, with the US and Ireland not far behind.   In no particular order, posts featuring poems by the following poets received the most views on And Other Poems in 2013: Alvin Pang   David Morley … Continue reading Three popular poets on And Other Poems