Poems from the Lockdown

Poems written during Lockdown by members of Trowbridge Stanza White Bluebells by Ginny Saunders Early, he brings a slug to bed I don’t cry out, it’s new to our zoo so welcome. It hitched a ride from a dewy glade of grass, shrunken and mucus-bound to his soft belly fur. It won’t survive the dryness… Continue reading Poems from the Lockdown

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A bee brings summer

  poem for Earth Day   *     With a reckless swoop             you patter at my window frantic as a delivery boy             who's slept through months of orders. You're a fizzing blur of antenna, legs and wings;             a pantomine of lanes and hilly streets; lines of washing you've bashed against             to arrive here steeped… Continue reading A bee brings summer

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Belatedly, Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.  A very low-key New Year's Eve for me, a tiny amount of alcohol drunk, some good food, perfect company in the form of my husband, A., and - for him - a lot of taxi driving for our two young adult children who he ferried around through the night… Continue reading Belatedly, Happy New Year


A quick round up of recent events

A busy November has given way to a quiet December but my growing collection of new poems is demanding attention so the blog is being neglected.  I've written about 20 new poems that I'm reasonably pleased with. Many more will likely never see in the New Year.  My editing knives have been sharpened. November began… Continue reading A quick round up of recent events

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Trowbridge Stanza: December Guest Readers Anthony Wilson and Dawn Gorman

Trowbridge Stanza is looking forward to welcoming poets Anthony Wilson and Dawn Gorman to read at Drawing Projects UK, Bridge House, Trowbridge, on Saturday, 7 December 2-4pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend and audience members are invited to bring one or two of their own poems to read at the open-mic.  Tickets are £5 on… Continue reading Trowbridge Stanza: December Guest Readers Anthony Wilson and Dawn Gorman