Young Writers Publish Olympic Torch Relay Poems

Yesterday was my final two hour session with the group of Year 9 students from Clarendon College, Trowbridge who are writing poems to commemorate the visit of the Olympic Torch Relay to their school.  The hard slog was done by the young writers as they shaped their rough drafts and ideas into poems to be… Continue reading Young Writers Publish Olympic Torch Relay Poems

Giving a Poetry Reading

I took part in a Poetry Event at Stafford Library on Tuesday evening so I thought I'd share my experience and thoughts about giving a poetry reading. I was given one of three 20 minute slots and the evening included the Prize Giving of the 2012 Stafford Poetry Competition, run by Staffordshire Libraries and supported by… Continue reading Giving a Poetry Reading

My thoughts on being a finalist in The Bridport Prize 2010

Reading Teresa Stenson's recent blog post on The Bridport Prize has come as a timely reminder to polish my own entry for  this year's Bridport, and it also reminded me of 2010 when my poem, 'Honeymoon',  was a runner-up in the Poetry Category. At the awards ceremony in the Bridport Arts Centre, one of the topics… Continue reading My thoughts on being a finalist in The Bridport Prize 2010