What do the people opposite think of me?

There she is, behind her radio, her jokey monkey, her burnout out candle, her re-purposed  jam jars, her florid handsoap, her washing up liquid, her scraggy pan cleaner, abandoned paintbrushes, her clutter of children's claywork. There she is behind a basket of old receipts,  boxes of matches, hair clips, unread articles, badges, key rings, fridge magnets, gravy-stained recipe books, … Continue reading What do the people opposite think of me?

On continuing to read with your kids

Like many parents, my husband and I have always read with our children.  When they were babies, we read fairy stories and nursery rhymes to them and gave them board books to chew and dribble over.  Touch-and-feel books were popular, as were lift-the-flap books (usually reinforced with triple layer sellotape to cater for even the most boisterous of … Continue reading On continuing to read with your kids

What are your writing plans for the summer?

What are your plans for the summer? Are things staying the same or do you have a project in mind? Maybe it isn't summer where you are but what are your plans, anyway? Here in the UK, I've been away from a regular, paid job since 1st May. This is intentional, I'm trying to use … Continue reading What are your writing plans for the summer?

Reading old notebooks – and cringing

I've been tidying up, in an attempt to make my writing space less cluttered and, inevitably, I got distracted.  This time I was waylaid by some of my old notebooks. The ones pictured here are from 1983, when I was 21, living and working in Paris as an au pair - ah! Paris! *settles into a … Continue reading Reading old notebooks – and cringing

This Writer’s Life

On the one hand the cliché of that title, on the other hand the article is off and running and you're reading it (thank you, by the way). On the one hand I will miss the friends I've made during the last 18 months when I've been reading aloud every week with people living with … Continue reading This Writer’s Life

Write for an hour every day

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.  In our house we are variously curled up on sofas and beds, wrapped in duvets and fleecy blankets, still in our pyjamas or fully clothed, in coats, and wearing gorilla-shaped slippers, and scarves.  (It's chilly in our house.) The teenagers might have overdone it with the fruity-flavoured cider last night, plus … Continue reading Write for an hour every day

On the value of blogging.

I'm gratified by the number of likes, comments and visits I received to my Not Quite a Post post!  It just goes to show that, when you've said you're on a blogging schedule (in 2014 I've been trying to post at least once a week, usually on a Sunday) it's worth plonking your bottom down … Continue reading On the value of blogging.

On not doing #nanowrimo

All power to your pen if you're taking part in National Novel Writing Month and attempting to write 50,000 words of a novel during November.  I won't be taking part myself although I love the idea of sitting down at my computer and bashing out 50,000 words of prose.  I love the idea of a … Continue reading On not doing #nanowrimo

Free tickets to see top writers at Trowbridge Library

Julia Copus and Patrick Gale reading at Trowbridge Library, Thursday, November 27th, 7.30pm   Book your FREE tickets by calling Trowbridge Library on 01225 716700 The reading, at Trowbridge Library on Thursday, 27th November at 7.30pm,  is part of a SW England Library promotion called the Reading Passport.  It features  award-winning poet and children's story writer Julia Copus, and novelist … Continue reading Free tickets to see top writers at Trowbridge Library

Get ready for another #LossLit evening.

 Lose yourself all over again.  Join in with #LossLit.  Tweet your creative responses to do with 'loss'. It's been two weeks since writers Kit Caless and Aki Schilz, co-creators of#LossLit on Twitter and Storify,  talked to me about this exciting and innovative project which invites and curates submissions of tweet-sized micropoems and microfictions to do … Continue reading Get ready for another #LossLit evening.