Reasons to be or not to be cheerful, or not. Or something.

I was going to write about what ‘local’ means to you, that is, ask you for your definition of the word, since one week into a UK national lockdown, there are news reports about a police force fining people for driving somewhere to exercise.  During the first lockdown, in the spring, there were reports ofContinue reading “Reasons to be or not to be cheerful, or not. Or something.”

Lockdown, Series Three

During the first lockdown, in the spring, I went through a phase of posting a blog every day, using the hashtag Corona Diary (when I remembered).  I think I started off with gusto and petered out a bit towards the end.  We’ve just entered our third national lockdown in the UK and I don’t intendContinue reading “Lockdown, Series Three”

End of *That* Year

It’s not obligatory to write an end of year post, but it would feel strange to me not to pass comment on this strangest of years. My 2020 began with a week in the English Lake District, near Brotherswater, staying at Thomas Grove House and Cottage in Hartsop. I was with Jane Commane, publisher andContinue reading “End of *That* Year”

A few new pieces of writing

As this strange year draws to an end (although, the end still feels like a long way off to me), I’m pleased to tell you that I have a few pieces of new writing in circulation. I’ve been writing poems for about ten years now, after a period of not writing at all while myContinue reading “A few new pieces of writing”

Trowbridge Advent Windows

Here are a few images of the ‘living advent calendar’ in our local streets. Like lots of other people this year people in our neighbourhood have been taking it in turns to light up one of their windows each day of Advent. An after dinner stroll around the area has become an unmissable daily event!Continue reading “Trowbridge Advent Windows”

Interview with Children’s Poet Shauna Darling Robertson

  Hi Shauna, and congratulations on the publication of your first book-length collection for children, Saturdays at the Imaginarium (Troika Books, 2020). How long did the book take you to write?   Thanks very much – and good question! I guess the process began five years ago when I spent a wonderful week at theContinue reading “Interview with Children’s Poet Shauna Darling Robertson”

November 2020 at And Other Poems

The subtitle of this post could be “Hold your phone sideways” since this is the best way to read poems on websites if you’re reading from your phone. Once you do it, you’ll never regret it.   This month, my poetry site And Other Poems opened its doors again after a twenty month break. IContinue reading “November 2020 at And Other Poems”

Reading many poems

When 2020 began, it wasn’t my intention to return to my poetry site And Other Poems – to be honest, I’ve been enjoying not reading through submitted poems, replying to enquiries, accepting or rejecting poems (never easy to say “no thank you” to someone, especially people who I count as friends or who I’ve got toContinue reading “Reading many poems”

A Guide To Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines

I’d like to recommend this TERRIFIC booklet, A Guide to Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines written and published by Robin Houghton at Telltale Press.  Robin kindly sent me a copy as generous thanks for a tiny contribution I made to the booklet, updated and re-issued for 2020.  Priced at only £6 (including P&P) forContinue reading “A Guide To Getting Published in UK Poetry Magazines”

On small acts of optimism

OK, so I probably didn’t choose the best week to decide to blog a little more regularly here. There is just too much going on in the real world and, like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve been glued to the election news coming in from the United States, trying to stop myself from constantlyContinue reading “On small acts of optimism”