Sinéad Morrissey to give a talk about her Communist heritage

One of the best things about poetry festivals, in my opinion, are the quieter, less obvious events that festival organisers somehow manage to schedule alongside a packed programme of readings and workshops.  One such an occasion to look forward to at Winchester Poetry Festival is a talk by the poet Sinéad Morrissey called My Communist Heritage: On the Trail of … Continue reading Sinéad Morrissey to give a talk about her Communist heritage


Josephine Corcoran has published two poetry collections, What Are You After? (Nine Arches Press, 2018)  and The Misplaced House (tall-lighthouse, 2015 – now out of print).  Her work as a playwright and short story writer has been published and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and one of her plays was performed at The Chelsea Theatre, … Continue reading About

Mostly waiting

There have been a lot of lovely things going on in the UK poetry world recently, including festivals in Birmingham and in Scotland, and a writing retreat in Cornwall, and they’ve all gone on without me, although I’ve enjoyed reading about them and seeing pictures on social media.  I would have gone to all of … Continue reading Mostly waiting