School Workshops

Josephine Corcoran offers poetry writing workshops for young people aged 9-11, 11- 14 and 16 – adult.

In a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, students will be introduced to a wide range of poets and poetic techniques and shown how to take inspiration from these in their own creative writing.  At the end of each workshop, students will be given the opportunity to perform their work to each other and to ‘publish’ a scrapbook collection of their poems.

Josephine’s workshops are student-centred and allow young writers to practise communication and collaboration, as well as writing skills. She can work with groups of up to 30 students at one time and is happy to be in school for half a day, a whole day or longer.

Examples of some of Josephine’s workshops:

  • Making the ordinary extraordinary: Students consider commonplace items, such as a school jumper, and learn how to bring them to life by writing about them in an imaginative, sensory way.
  • Transforming knowledge into poetry: Students extend their knowledge of a curriculum topic by writing about them creatively. Josephine has run poetry workshops themed on WW1, WW2, Climate Change, and Local History, and can tailor content to suit specific themes or projects, if required.
  • Writing a group poem: Students choose a subject to write about, contribute individual lines and collaborate to produce a group poem, considering editing techniques, title choice, line breaks, beginnings, endings and ordering.

About Wiltshire-based poet Josephine Corcoran:

Josephine is a widely-published poet with experience of running writing workshops in primary and secondary schools, as well as in community settings.  She has an MA in Creative Writing from UEA and has full DBS clearance and is a member of NAWE.  She has published two poetry collections for adults and her work as a playwright has been produced in London and broadcast on BBC R4.  In 2018, students in her poetry workshops were successful in the Live Canon Children’s Poetry Competition, the Betjeman Prize, the Somerset Young Poets Competition and the Armistice 100 Prize for Schools Poetry Competition.

For enquiries about availability and fees, please contact Josephine by email  Some blogs about Josephine’s work in schools here and on her Medium site.