New poems, reviews and visual pieces

I have two new poems, ‘To Love One Another’ and ‘True Crime’ in The North magazine, Issue 66, (the ‘Apart Together’ issue) available to pre-order here. In the same publication, I’ve reviewed new poetry collections by Katherine Stansfield (Seren Books), Maria Taylor (Nine Arches Press) and Jackie Wills (Arc Poetry). I’m continuing to post newContinue reading “New poems, reviews and visual pieces”

My started late, stop-start writing “career”

I’ve enjoyed these tweets from different writers who’ve shared their stories of not being straight out of the cradle when their writing received recognition.  Here are a few of them: Did an MA in Creative Writing at 52, first competition win at 54, novel out at 55, second out at 57 next year and soooooooooContinue reading “My started late, stop-start writing “career””