Goodbye 2016

It's my final post of the year so a good time to say thank you for reading my blog.  I've made many friends over the five years I've been blogging, some of whom I've become friends with in real life and some of whom I feel I'm friends with, even though we've only met on… Continue reading Goodbye 2016

Wordy Wednesday – #NaBloPoMo – we did it!

Well, friends, we've made it.  Thank you so much for being with me on this blogging extravaganza of thirty whole days!  And doesn't the world look different today? As I look out at our frosty garden, I can hardly believe that it's only been one month since my husband, Andrew, and our son were in… Continue reading Wordy Wednesday – #NaBloPoMo – we did it!

How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

Post updated November 2020. Since I last updated this post, WordPress has switched to the block editor (known as Gutenberg).  When I edit poems, I create a post and put in the title, then go to save.  When I return to the dashboard menu, I click 'WP Admin', (NB if you cannot locate 'WP Admin'… Continue reading How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

Summer is whizzing by

Summer is whizzing by and my head is filling up with to do lists.  At this point, they are mild-mannered and patient lists, humming softly to themselves as summer ripens around them, but once they cotton-on to shrinking daylight and cooler winds, once they catch sight of the date on the calendar and the dying… Continue reading Summer is whizzing by

Do you blog from your phone?

I learned so much from my previous post and not only about poetry pamphlets and poetry collections! First, I learned that it's OK to quickly type a post and press publish: not every post requires hours of planning and drafting.   Second, it's OK to ask you (yes, you, dear reader) questions and seek out your opinion -… Continue reading Do you blog from your phone?

New Blogging Event: What’s in my pocket?

This is an invitation to take part in a new blogging event  'What's in my pocket (or bag) and what does it say about me?'  All you have to do is to publish a new blog post which includes an image of what's in your pocket/bag and a brief explanation about it.  Link back (pingback) to this… Continue reading New Blogging Event: What’s in my pocket?

Blogging for Winchester Poetry Festival 2016

Hot on the trails of my post about the joys of poetry festivals, I'm happy to tell you that I will be the official Blogger at this year's Winchester Poetry Festival which will take place October 7 - 9. I will be posting my Festival Blogs on this site, as well as tweeting poetry snippets… Continue reading Blogging for Winchester Poetry Festival 2016

Does it really matter what your blog looks like?

I know, I know, another delaying/procrastination activity, but the truth is I seem to constantly want to change the look of this site. I don't if it's because I spend a lot of time (too much time, probably) staring at it but I often have a feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling that it isn't quite… Continue reading Does it really matter what your blog looks like?

On blogging regularly

Judging by a few comments I've read recently, It seems that New Year is a time when people decide to start a new blog or make a decision to blog more regularly.  For the last two years, I've been trying to write in this blog at least once a week although I haven't always succeeded.… Continue reading On blogging regularly

Ideas and prompts for NaBloPoMo

I won't be around for the whole of November (I'm going away for eight days) otherwise I would've been tempted to join in with National Blog Posting Month and publish a blog post a day for the whole of November.  However, if you're on a NaBloPoMo mission and are looking for some inspiration, here are… Continue reading Ideas and prompts for NaBloPoMo