Christmas Pamphlets from Candlestick Press

Our poetry group in Trowbridge has been getting together for just over a year now and I'm really happy to meet up regularly with such a  lovely bunch of people!  We meet on the first Saturday of each month (2-4pm) in Trowbridge at Drawing Projects UK, right by Trowbridge train station, to read and discuss … Continue reading Christmas Pamphlets from Candlestick Press

Reading and writing Christmas-themed poems with Year 7s: #writerinschool

I'm really enjoying being Writer in Residence at St Gregory's Catholic College, Bath.  As well as writing with students during lesson time, I also run a Creative Writing Club at Break and Lunchtime, one day a week.  When we're writing poetry, I usually take in lots of photocopies of poems but today I took in … Continue reading Reading and writing Christmas-themed poems with Year 7s: #writerinschool

‘Ten Poems from Ireland’ (Candlestick Press)

Town Hall Poets are a Poetry Society Stanza group who meet regularly at Trowbridge Town Hall, and other places, to read and talk about poetry, workshop each other's poems and arrange open-mic nights.  We're also lucky enough to be the Trowbridge Chapter of the Candlestick Press Collective, which means that we receive complimentary copies of … Continue reading ‘Ten Poems from Ireland’ (Candlestick Press)

Candlestick Press Pamphlets

With Christmas approaching (sorry, can't deny it any longer), I thought that now would be a good time to mention these beautiful pamphlets from Candlestick Press which would definitely make a wonderful present for many people I know, even though their tag line suggests modestly that you might give them "instead of a card." (which is … Continue reading Candlestick Press Pamphlets