Candlestick Press Pamphlets

With Christmas approaching (sorry, can't deny it any longer), I thought that now would be a good time to mention these beautiful pamphlets from Candlestick Press which would definitely make a wonderful present for many people I know, even though their tag line suggests modestly that you might give them "instead of a card." (which is… Continue reading Candlestick Press Pamphlets

Best wishes for Christmas

I'm writing at speed on Christmas Eve to wish you all a Happy Christmas. There have been times in my life when I've been completely alone on Christmas Day, times when I've been with friends, times with family, and twice when I was working (as a Nanny) in a foreign country with someone else's family.… Continue reading Best wishes for Christmas

Unknown trees, Ted Hughes, a poem and rabbits!

Happy New Year to everyone.  My aim this year is to post more regularly here, once a week if I can, and I'm thinking that Sunday might be the day for it.  Let's see. Christmas has been and gone.  This year the cost-effectiveness and renewability of an artificial tree appealed, so we set out on… Continue reading Unknown trees, Ted Hughes, a poem and rabbits!