Poems that find a way to say what isn’t said #writerinschool

I wanted to write a few posts before my residency at St Gregory's Catholic College ends, especially mentioning poems that prompted a lot of animated discussion and produced some exciting creative writing from school students. 'Other Clouds' by Rebecca Perry from her collection Beauty/Beauty (Bloodaxe, 2015) and 'what my mother (a poet) might say' by Mary… Continue reading Poems that find a way to say what isn’t said #writerinschool

WordWeavers Session 4 – Writing Dialogue

Students began by reading their stories from last week when they'd placed one of their own fictional characters in a work setting they'd researched by interviewing other students.  The writing was diverse and really interesting and included a man working in an all-female cleaning crew, a white Zimbabwean farmer advising on simulation exercises to a… Continue reading WordWeavers Session 4 – Writing Dialogue