WordWeavers Session Two involving a carrot…

We began by considering the following: writing what a character does is a way of revealing emotion or mood to the reader; it helps to know something about your character’s background, their childhood, their desires, their fears, etc., as this is likely to influence their behaviour; tapping into your own memories and thoughts is aContinue reading “WordWeavers Session Two involving a carrot…”

WordWeavers at Trowbridge Museum – First Session

For those who couldn’t make it…. A summary of what we did.  Confession: I stole the warm-up exercises from Vicki Feaver and Hugh Dunkerley who used them on a Creative Writing module at Chichester University in the early 1990s. First, a quick warm-up exercise: write, in two minutes, a list of possible uses for this object Then, writeContinue reading “WordWeavers at Trowbridge Museum – First Session”

Why bother with Creative Writing workshops and courses?

Anyone who’s attended a Creative Writing class or workshop, or who has studied Creative Writing at any level, will have been asked the following question at least once: “Can you teach/be taught Creative Writing?” Here’s what I say in response: It isn’t so much about teaching as about being immersed in a writing community forContinue reading “Why bother with Creative Writing workshops and courses?”