At the year’s halfway point

My children's exams are over.  For my son, a season of campouts and festivals has already begun. My daughter also has exciting, if slightly less grungy, plans.  Four years worth of scrawled-on paper, deep piles of exercise books, text books, files, revision cards, notebooks, stationery, bottles of Rescue Remedy, school uniforms, pots of lunch money… Continue reading At the year’s halfway point

In which I entertain a charming visitor

This week has mostly been about me being ill - not seriously ill, just an annoying cold with horrible flu-type symptoms; feverish, aching limbs, bad headache.  Unfortunately I had to cancel our Poetry Society Stanza meeting at Trowbridge Town Hall and I was really sorry about that.  I felt that I might be contagious so… Continue reading In which I entertain a charming visitor

Low-key Mother’s Day

OK, so this post was meant to go out YESTERDAY.  Complaints Department is OVER THERE.  I'll post it anyway, rather than waiting one whole year before it becomes relevant again. For years I didn't celebrate Mother's Day.  My mum died in 1974 and I didn't become a mother  myself until 1999.  Sometimes I joined in… Continue reading Low-key Mother’s Day

Another year has come full circle

Of course there are a million and one other things I should be getting on with but I haven't had a go at one of the weekly photo challenges in ages and I just felt like doing this week's challenge which is 'Circle'. As I was replacing our family wall planner earlier today, I glanced at last… Continue reading Another year has come full circle

Postcard from Camhina and Porto, Portugal

Here are a few photos from our holiday in Portugal a short while ago. I'd really recommend the house we rented and the general area. We flew from Bristol to Porto, rented a car at the airport and drove about 45 minutes north, to Camhina. The house was lovely - spacious, comfortable and well-equipped, and… Continue reading Postcard from Camhina and Porto, Portugal

I’m on Instagram

If I'm not here, I might be on Instagram. I've mentioned before that I've been trying to post once a week in 2014 and usually on a Sunday.  However, the school Easter holidays and a flying visit to Paris with my family meant that I missed last Sunday and my schedule is now of order. … Continue reading I’m on Instagram

In memory of my mother

This year, I’ve been trying to write here at least once a week.  Today, 16th March 2014, I can only write about one subject, my mother, Joyce Corcoran (née MacDougall), born 16th March 1924.  Today would have been her 90th birthday.  The last time I saw her alive was on her 50th birthday, 16th March… Continue reading In memory of my mother