Trowbridge Advent Windows

Here are a few images of the 'living advent calendar' in our local streets. Like lots of other people this year people in our neighbourhood have been taking it in turns to light up one of their windows each day of Advent. An after dinner stroll around the area has become an unmissable daily event!… Continue reading Trowbridge Advent Windows

Mid-October Notes and looking ahead to November

With both of my children now at university and not that many freelance projects on the go (but probably enough, for now) I have a lot more hours to myself these days. So far in October there have been some decent blocks of time available for me to write.  Of course, that doesn't mean I've… Continue reading Mid-October Notes and looking ahead to November

Too tired to blog

There are a few things I'd like to tell you but I can hardly keep my eyes open, even at just gone nine in the evening.  I did a three hour walk this morning with my husband and daughter and I can still feel all of my muscles tingling.  It was meant to take "about… Continue reading Too tired to blog

Postcard from Camhina and Porto, Portugal

Here are a few photos from our holiday in Portugal a short while ago. I'd really recommend the house we rented and the general area. We flew from Bristol to Porto, rented a car at the airport and drove about 45 minutes north, to Camhina. The house was lovely - spacious, comfortable and well-equipped, and… Continue reading Postcard from Camhina and Porto, Portugal