Winchester Poetry Festival Diary: Day One (Part Two).

Kim Moore, Ian Duhig and Sophie Hannah gave wonderful readings on the opening night of the festival. It really is a pleasure to hear poems you think you know quite well read aloud. Even if you’ve read them many times in magazines, websites, in collections and at award evenings, something surprising and new often turnsContinue reading “Winchester Poetry Festival Diary: Day One (Part Two).”

Winchester Poetry Festival Poets Feature in Forward Prize Lists

Two of the poets reading at this year’s Winchester Poetry Festival have been shortlisted for The Forward Prize for Best Collection 2016.  Choman Hardi has been shortlisted for her collection Considering the Women (Bloodaxe Books) and Ian Duhig has been shortlisted for his collection The Blind Roadmaker (Picador Poetry). Choman Hardi will read at the festival on Saturday 8thContinue reading “Winchester Poetry Festival Poets Feature in Forward Prize Lists”

A poem for every occasion?

Last week’s post made reference to ‘Cut’, the poem Sylvia Plath wrote after cutting her thumb, and it made me think that there seem to be poems about every subject.  Also, just as some people always say the right thing at the right time, there are others who always come up with the right poemContinue reading “A poem for every occasion?”

Hey Presto! Poems have arrived in my inbox.

It’s been almost two weeks since I started a separate blog for poems, ‘And Other Poems’.  At first I thought this would simply be an uncluttered space for my own poems but I quickly decided that I wanted to include other people’s work.  How, then, to acquire poems?  Could I just select poems that IContinue reading “Hey Presto! Poems have arrived in my inbox.”

Footnote to Ian Duhig’s poem, ‘The Irish Slave’.

I’m thrilled to be posting a long out of print poem of Ian Duhig’s on my poetry blog today.  You can read The Irish Slave here.  I am so grateful to Ian for his generosity in sharing this and for sending the following notes, with fascinating links, which help to unravel the poem’s mesmerising story.Continue reading “Footnote to Ian Duhig’s poem, ‘The Irish Slave’.”