Do you remember those wild, out of control, pre-referendum days?

Vote Leave campaign bus featuring their slogan "Let's take back control"

  Just to say that I'm thrilled that Live Canon decided to film the poems shortlisted in this year's competition.  Here is the text of my poem, followed by the film.   Do you remember those wild, out of control, pre-Referendum days When learner drivers raced down the hard-shoulder And horses rampaged in the bus… Continue reading Do you remember those wild, out of control, pre-referendum days?

October update

I don't feel I've written properly in this blog for a while even though it was my aim, this year, to post here once a week.  I've sometimes resorted to using the Weekly Photo Challenge as a prompt and it's been lovely to connect with other bloggers this way.  I might never have written about… Continue reading October update

The holiday’s over…

I'm back to work tomorrow and I'm feeling low that my month off has come to an end.  I'm pleased that I've managed to work on my pamphlet and now have 18 poems which are as ready as they'll ever be to send to the printers - although I haven't had a lot of contact… Continue reading The holiday’s over…