Somewhere lovely to stay in London

I had a wonderful time reading at The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London, on Saturday night, with Jackie Wills, tutor from the Aldeburgh Eight Advanced Poetry Seminar, and the 2015 Aldeburgh Eight Poets, who are Andrew Rudd, Anita Pati,  John Challis, Kathy Pimlott, Miranda Yates, Seán Hewitt, Suzannah Evans, and me. It was such a pleasure to… Continue reading Somewhere lovely to stay in London


One very good thing about your children growing older and developing their own interests is that they introduce you to things and lead you to places you wouldn't otherwise go.  Recently, I've been taken to dance shows and events, both amateur and professional, that I probably wouldn't have known anything about if it wasn't for my… Continue reading Rambert