Winchester Poetry Festival Diary: Day One (Part One)

So here I am, safely installed in a delightful airbnb very close to the centre of Winchester. I have a Festival Pass in my hands and I'm going to make the most of it. I'll report back, in between attending events, starting with a few things I went to yesterday. The opening event was a… Continue reading Winchester Poetry Festival Diary: Day One (Part One)

More blogs I follow..

..that aren't expressly about reading or writing. You never know who you will meet on the internet or what will turn up when you are actually looking for something completely different.  Taking part in WordPress' Daily Prompts and Weekly Writing and Photo Challenges means that you will find sites using these hashtags and if you… Continue reading More blogs I follow..

Review of ‘Riddance’ by Anthony Wilson

Reading the poems in Anthony Wilson's Riddance I had the sensation of walking through a large house, switching on lamps and spotlights to illuminate not immediately visible nooks and crannies.  Nowhere is there one garish light explaining everything at once and, although the book is divided into five sections, I felt inclined to move freely… Continue reading Review of ‘Riddance’ by Anthony Wilson