Back to school musings

Our house has been re-arranging itself this week after a summer of pyjama mornings and staying up too late nights.  Half of its occupants have set their alarm clocks, buttoned themselves back into school uniforms, shouted goodbye at a quarter to nine and left behind a trail of cereal dishes and the fading beat of… Continue reading Back to school musings

ModPo in the kitchen

Finally caught up with ModPo by plugging in my netbook in the kitchen. Quite difficult to hear Al, Amarise, Emily, Molly, and the gang - they feel like old friends now - over the sizzling, splashing sounds of cooking dinner and washing up. Admittedly this isn't model student behaviour but at least I'm up to… Continue reading ModPo in the kitchen

ModPo: Seven chapters in and flagging a bit

Speeding through ModPo and I could do with a few 36 hour days and/or a better brain.  I seem to be spending more time watching discussions about poetry rather than reading poetry and I am starting to feel like a child at the fairground trying to catch up with the merry-go-round.  One of the disadvantages… Continue reading ModPo: Seven chapters in and flagging a bit

The music of Gertrude Stein

ModPo is racing on; we are now starting Week Five of this ten week course.  My highlights last week were listening to a Penn Sound recording of Gertrude Stein reading her poem If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso (1912) and watching an extract from Shutters Shut, a dance choreographed by Paul Lightfoot… Continue reading The music of Gertrude Stein

Modern and Contemporary American Poetry: Catching Up at 3AM

Waking at 3am on Saturday and finding myself unable to get back to sleep, I came downstairs in my pyjamas, made a cup of tea and plugged into the final readings for Week 3 of ModPo.  I love this course! Hilda Doolittle (known as H.D.), Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams were the poets we… Continue reading Modern and Contemporary American Poetry: Catching Up at 3AM

30,000 students but no-one has to share a desk!

My main news is that, along with 30,000 other people world-wide, I've signed up for, and am into my second week of, the free, on-line, ten-week taster course in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, or ModPo, offered by the University of Pennsylvania using the Coursera on-line platform and featuring the charismatic and hugely knowledgeable Professor of Literature,… Continue reading 30,000 students but no-one has to share a desk!