National Poetry Day (UK) 2022

The image is of fallen leaves, flowers and berries from the garden, arranged in three lines as if a haiku, with seven, five, seven items on each line. The text reads 'Autumn Haiku, National Poetry Day 2022'.

This year the theme for NPD is 'The Environment'. Here's a visual poem I made today, using fallen leaves, flowers and berries from the garden. Visual Poem by Josephine Corcoran I've made more visual poems like this and posted them on Instagram @andothermaterial and I also blogged about making visual poems with flowers here. Happy… Continue reading National Poetry Day (UK) 2022

A poem for National Poetry Day 2016

The theme for this year's National Poetry Day in the UK is 'messages'.  As Poet in Residence at Trowbridge Town Hall, I've been working with artist Ben Midgley on a new poem which we will share with school students and other visitors to the Town Hall on National Poetry Day, October 6. Local school students from primary and… Continue reading A poem for National Poetry Day 2016

Say it with a Poem at Trowbridge Town Hall

On National Poetry Day, Thursday 6th October 2016, 11am - 4pm, poets and artists will be "saying it with a poem" at Trowbridge Town Hall. Inspired by Sophie Herxheimer, the poet and artist who's designed NPD's artwork this year, poets, including Josephine Corcoran and members of a new Poetry Society Stanza which meets at the… Continue reading Say it with a Poem at Trowbridge Town Hall