End of *That* Year

It’s not obligatory to write an end of year post, but it would feel strange to me not to pass comment on this strangest of years. My 2020 began with a week in the English Lake District, near Brotherswater, staying at Thomas Grove House and Cottage in Hartsop. I was with Jane Commane, publisher andContinue reading “End of *That* Year”

New Year’s Eve Musings

I was about to tweet a happy tweet and post a happy post about my happy year, when our washing machine broke down and our boiler stopped working.  It was eerily uncanny, as if the Fairy who stops you feeling too smug had flown into my house and sprinkled some of her glum magic overContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Musings”

Wishing you a reasonably nice 2016

Let’s face it, I use ‘wonderful’ far too much. And ‘fabulous’ is often unattainable.  So, to be realistic, I hope the balance of good and bad times weighs in your favour in 2016. When I was a child, on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, my black-haired father walked out of our back door andContinue reading “Wishing you a reasonably nice 2016”