Sequence of nine prose poems/collages

I’ve written about my sequence ‘Once Upon a Lockdown’ before but this is the first time I’ve been able to post all nine pieces together. I began this writing as a sequence of diary entries/prose poems/poems and then reworked each section into a collage using natural materials from my garden, photos from my camera rollContinue reading “Sequence of nine prose poems/collages”

Once Upon a Lockdown Rose: collage work and hybrid writing

I wrote a hybrid piece called ‘Once Upon a Lockdown’ – part poem/prose/diary –  and submitted it to The Great Margin with thanks to a small commission from Paper Nations – which I’ve mentioned before.  ‘Once Upon a Lockdown’ starts in March, when Boris Johnson announced there was going to be a lockdown, and rosesContinue reading “Once Upon a Lockdown Rose: collage work and hybrid writing”