In which I entertain a charming visitor

This week has mostly been about me being ill – not seriously ill, just an annoying cold with horrible flu-type symptoms; feverish, aching limbs, bad headache.  Unfortunately I had to cancel our Poetry Society Stanza meeting at Trowbridge Town Hall and I was really sorry about that.  I felt that I might be contagious soContinue reading “In which I entertain a charming visitor”

I never met him but I felt he sang to me

Andrew left for work early this morning and I fell back to sleep listening to the radio. I woke up again at about 7am to the sound of Radio 4 playing David Bowie interviews and songs and talking about him in the past tense. What? He released his new album Black Star on Friday, hisContinue reading “I never met him but I felt he sang to me”

In other news

I’ll come right out and say that my husband, Andrew, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We’ve known for a short while and have been coming to terms with the news.  I’m not going to go into all the personal details but I will say that I married a beautiful man, full of love, energy,Continue reading “In other news”