Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage

I enjoyed hearing Poet Laureate Simon Armitage's poem 'Ark' on BBC Radio 4 this week.  The poem was written to commemorate the launch of the UK's new polar research ship, the 'Sir David Attenborough'. Here is a clip of Simon Armitage reading the poem: https://twitter.com/BBCr4today/status/1177172927478976513   and here is a link to the poem on… Continue reading Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage

Mid-September Notes

I'm just back from a few days in Spain with my family.  I felt bad about flying, even though I haven't flown since I went to Portugal in 2015.  I will try not to fly again for at least a year, maybe longer.  I haven't signed up for the #flightfree2020 pledge but I am thinking… Continue reading Mid-September Notes