Sarah Hymas’ poem at And Other Poems in this year’s Forward Prizes

Most of you know that I founded and edited a poetry site called And Other Poems for six years and retired the site at the end of 2018. One of my final jobs as editor was to nominate three poems for the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem and I'm pleased to say that Sarah… Continue reading Sarah Hymas’ poem at And Other Poems in this year’s Forward Prizes

Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

My poetry site And Other Poems turned three years old in August.  What started as an uncluttered  place for my own poems has grown into an online anthology of over 350 poems by more than 250 poets, archived at The British Library, and viewed more than 125,000 times.  In September 2015, my post 'Three poems by Tania Hershman' was… Continue reading Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

Dear Editors – Here are my Poems!

  I had a bit of a chuckle at this Facebook post from poet and Editor of Prole magazine, Brett Evans: Are there any fellow editors out there who find submissions without so much as a hello rude? No cover letter or bio I can forgive but no hello! I know the work should speak… Continue reading Dear Editors – Here are my Poems!

One Year of Poems

This is the story of the first year of my poetry blog And Other Poems where I've posted over 200 poems by 177 poets Whether I continue to add poems to the blog will depend on the quality of work that’s sent to it and my own commitments. Anyone who has ever been involved in running… Continue reading One Year of Poems

Writing themes, blogs and The Beatles.

I haven't posted for a while and here's what I've been up to... I put together 24 poems for a pamphlet competition and it took a lot of time, deciding which poems seemed good enough and which fitted the theme.  Yes, a theme.  I looked again at the poems I've written over the last four… Continue reading Writing themes, blogs and The Beatles.

Blogs by poets as opposed to Poetry Blogs

So many blogs, so little time. Interesting but extremely distracting.  I'm not terribly keen on personal Poetry Blogs, ie blogs containing nothing but the blogger's own work.  Perhaps it's brave to post early drafts of work on the internet - I'm certainly not brave enough to do that, in fact I struggle to show early drafts… Continue reading Blogs by poets as opposed to Poetry Blogs

Hey Presto! Poems have arrived in my inbox.

It's been almost two weeks since I started a separate blog for poems, 'And Other Poems'.  At first I thought this would simply be an uncluttered space for my own poems but I quickly decided that I wanted to include other people's work.  How, then, to acquire poems?  Could I just select poems that I… Continue reading Hey Presto! Poems have arrived in my inbox.