Whose Poem is it, Anyway?

I'm pleased to have a new poem on the excellent webzine, Ink, Sweat & Tears, edited by poet and artist Helen Ivory, which publishes an absorbing mix of poetry, flash fiction, book reviews and word and image pieces. I always feel a tingle of happiness when someone indicates that they like what I've written, and it's even… Continue reading Whose Poem is it, Anyway?

Poem or Flash Fiction? You decide!

I'm pleased to have another small story, 'Snowdrops', on Paragraph Planet today.  Paragraph Planet publishes a daily story; no line breaks are allowed, all writing is presented in one small paragraph and must be of exactly 75 words, including the title. However, when I started writing 'Snowdrops, I wasn't sure if it was a line… Continue reading Poem or Flash Fiction? You decide!


The anthology A Complicated Way of Being Ignored, edited by Michael Stewart and featuring poems by C J Allen, Sharon Black, Rosie Blagg, Nina Boyd, Geraldine Clarkson, Julia Deakin, Julie Mellor, Ian McEwen and other poets, including me, is available to buy at Amazon. The book was reviewed by Ian McMillan in the Yorkshire Post.

Giving a Poetry Reading

I took part in a Poetry Event at Stafford Library on Tuesday evening so I thought I'd share my experience and thoughts about giving a poetry reading. I was given one of three 20 minute slots and the evening included the Prize Giving of the 2012 Stafford Poetry Competition, run by Staffordshire Libraries and supported by… Continue reading Giving a Poetry Reading

Poems from my recent Writing Workshops at Trowbridge Museum

Poems from my recent Writing Workshops at Trowbridge Museum

Trowbridge Museum is continuing to support writing in the community by publishing some of the poems that emerged from my recent Writing Poetry Workshops.  During these sessions we read a range of poems by different writers - all the details are listed on previous posts - and I set short writing exercises loosely structured on the poems under scrutiny.  It's fascinating to read how members of the group interpreted the writing prompts.