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Mid-October Notes and looking ahead to November

With both of my children now at university and not that many freelance projects on the go (but probably enough, for now) I have a lot more hours to myself these days. So far in October there have been some decent blocks of time available for me to write.  Of course, that doesn't mean I've… Continue reading Mid-October Notes and looking ahead to November


A student again

After a few years of not going to any regular writing events, other than the lovely Stanza I organise here in Trowbridge, I'm taking part in the 2019/20 Poetry Business Writing School which means I'll be up in Sheffield several times a year for workshops and I've already begun reading for the course and completing… Continue reading A student again

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Keeping a poetry reading journal

Dashing off a quick post to try to keep to my weekly blog plan as part of the Poet Bloggers 2018 Revival Tour.  I'm knee-deep in old notebooks this week, as I flounder inside the messy and muddy quagmire that is my poetry manuscript.  I've spent the past two days holed-up inside my house, as… Continue reading Keeping a poetry reading journal

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My writer’s diary this week

I was lucky enough to read at Buzzwords in Cheltenham last Sunday night. Cheltenham is about an hour and twenty minutes away by car and Andrew, my husband, kindly offered to drive. It might sound strange, but sometimes car journeys are the only times we spend quality time together these days. Andrew tends to work… Continue reading My writer’s diary this week

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Keeping a reading journal, owning a poem, crocuses

I've got into the habit of keeping a pen and notebook handy when I'm reading a book or magazine.  Sometimes I simply copy lines of poetry I like into my journal, other times I might have a go at trying to put into words what it is about a phrase or word that has hi-jacked… Continue reading Keeping a reading journal, owning a poem, crocuses