A quick update

A quick update about what I'm up to.  I'm still waiting to hear about a few submissions and I've sent out several poems to competitions.  In recent years I've been trying to focus on magazines rather than competitions but I decided to ring the changes a bit and see how I get on.  In the next… Continue reading A quick update

Hair Appointment

Day Two of National Blog Posting Month and I have a hair appointment.  Has to be done, much as I'd love to be the kind of person who can whip out a pair of hairdressing scissors and a box of hair dye and emerge from my bathroom half an hour later looking like a person… Continue reading Hair Appointment

On the trail of a book purchase

What made me: re-read a book I already had? buy a book? take a book out of the library? It started with this newspaper article, an interview in The Guardian with poet, critic and translator Michael Hofmann. I tend to buy The Guardian on a Saturday but I hadn't read the article until I noticed… Continue reading On the trail of a book purchase

Ten Thoughts on a Friday Evening

Sipping a glass of wine when you're cooking is one of life's pleasures. Making a big fish pie and adding leaks, sweet potato and spinach, (it's scrumptious, truly), and asking your 14 year old son to wash up while it's in the oven, means that there is a delicious, nutritious meal on the way and there's only… Continue reading Ten Thoughts on a Friday Evening

The gift of an empty room

Had a weird experience yesterday when I ran a writing workshop and only one person turned up - and she was 40 minutes late!  I'm quite accomplished at promoting my own writing events and I usually manage to drum up enough interest to make my workshops viable but, in this instance, I wasn't responsible for… Continue reading The gift of an empty room

Reading, Writing, Rejections, Acceptance

February already and what is everyone up to? I really enjoy Robin Houghton's blog so I thought I would follow her example and share some of what's been happening in my life. Robin reports regularly on what she's reading, where she's sending her poetry and where it's been accepted/rejected. She also shares information gleaned from… Continue reading Reading, Writing, Rejections, Acceptance