‘The Misplaced House’ reviewed at HuffPost Books

I am thrilled that Robert Peake has taken the time to review my pamphlet The Misplaced House at The Huffington Post, alongside pamphlets by Victoria Kennefick and Rosie Miles. Robert introduces the three pamphlets as follows: Poetry bears both the opportunity and responsibility to take on taboo subjects like life, love, death, and politics without… Continue reading ‘The Misplaced House’ reviewed at HuffPost Books

Writing against the clock

In a bid to be productive, to keep you updated about what I'm up to and to fulfil my goal of writing a post a week on this blog, I'm writing this article with the clock ticking.  More specifically, I'm using the timer app on my iPhone and when the 15 minutes are up, that's it! (3… Continue reading Writing against the clock

Swindon Poetry Festival 2014

Two days after Swindon Poetry Festival, I am still in a high and happy poetry place, and I risk losing my euphoria if I try to set down in words what it was about Swindon that I loved so much.  Luckily, there are already two brilliant posts for you to read, as Robert Peake and… Continue reading Swindon Poetry Festival 2014

Goss and O’Brien reading at Transatlantic Poetry

Something to look forward to this coming Sunday, 31st August - Rebecca Goss and Dan O'Brien will be reading as part of the Transatlantic Poetry Series.  Details here.  The reading starts at 8pm BST / 3pm EDT / Noon PDT. Both poets have sent work to my poetry site, And Other Poems.  Rebecca's poem 'Repossession' is  here and her… Continue reading Goss and O’Brien reading at Transatlantic Poetry

Curl up with a poetry reading series

Just a reminder that Robert Peake's Transatlantic Poetry Reading Series is still going strong with Gerry Cambridge and David Mason reading live on air this Sunday, April 27th (8pm BST / 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT) and Agi Mishol and Marie Howe reading on Sunday, 4th May. Today, where I live in West Wiltshire, it's… Continue reading Curl up with a poetry reading series

Live Poetry Readings on the Web

I'd like to alert you to a new poetry reading series, Transatlantic Poetry on Air, available to view on the internet. This is an exciting project if, like me, you live outside a big city and/or you're sometimes unable to make it to live readings because of caring for children or others.  Let's face it, there… Continue reading Live Poetry Readings on the Web