On being on Facebook when I’m trying not to be

Everything got off to a wonderful start on New Year's Day and Bank Holiday Monday.  I went for several walks, spent hours away from the internet, read loads, cooked great food, laughed at my husband's jokes, listened to my kids' music, generally hung out with the family, wrote some new poems. Then I got stumped… Continue reading On being on Facebook when I’m trying not to be

Not quite here, not quite anywhere.

I've been absent, absent-minded, not quite here, out of sorts, not myself.  I've been a bit poorly, had some kind of bug, haven't been sleeping well and, to make matters worse, because I lost my only pair of decent reading glasses, I'm wearing an old pair which are scratched, not the right prescription and giving… Continue reading Not quite here, not quite anywhere.

How I met my husband

Getting to know people through their writing. I met my husband, Andrew Horsfall, in September 1993 while we were students at West Sussex Institute of Higher Education (now University of Chichester) and we lived on campus at Bishop Otter College, Chichester, in a small 1930s block of student accommodation called New Hall (now, I believe,… Continue reading How I met my husband


Can't do a long post this week as I've sliced open the base of my thumb on a glass which spontaneously exploded as I was emptying the dishwasher early on Wednesday morning.  I had no idea how vital thumbs were until now.  Although I'm right-handed, it's been easier to use my thumb-equipped left hand for most… Continue reading Ouch!