Chopin and Popcorn at Hilda Sheehan’s Book Launch

Here are some thumb-sized images of poets and performers at the packed-to-the-rafters launch of Hilda Sheehan’s debut collection, The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood (Cultured Llama, 2013), at The Platform, Swindon, on Friday, 10th May.   Among the readers were poets Robert Vas Dias, Leland Bardwell, Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton, Martin Malone and Michael Scott.Continue reading “Chopin and Popcorn at Hilda Sheehan’s Book Launch”

The Page as Open Field with Carrie Etter

A post about another enjoyable and interesting poetry workshop devised and delivered by Carrie Etter, made possible by Hilda Sheehan and Bluegate Poets, at The Richard Jeffries Musuem, near Swindon. In The Page as Open Field we read and discussed six poems which use the page in a non-linear, unconventional way, with text not necessarilyContinue reading “The Page as Open Field with Carrie Etter”

Poetry Workshop with Martin Malone

Not another day must go by without me saying how much I enjoyed this recent workshop, another writing session organised by Hilda Sheehan who had recruited Martin Malone at the 11th hour to replace an unwell Carrie Etter (now, happily, recovered). Martin introduced himself by stating that what he wanted most when he signed up for aContinue reading “Poetry Workshop with Martin Malone”

The Poetics of Things workshop with Robert Vas Dias

A solo parent Monday to Friday, this all-day, Saturday workshop, part of the 2012 Swindon Festival of Poetry, fitted in with my plans perfectly. As with other workshops I’ve been to recently, The Poetics of Things was organised by the wonderful, Swindon-based poet, Hilda Sheehan, who does so much to bring poetry to Swindon andContinue reading “The Poetics of Things workshop with Robert Vas Dias”