How to recruit volunteers

:Useful information for arts organisations and charities. One element of my part-time job with The Reader Organisation has been to recruit volunteers to work as Facilitators in the weekly Read Aloud Groups I've established in five (soon six) Wiltshire Libraries.  The groups are specifically for people with dementia, or other illnesses affecting memory,  and their carers. Challenging… Continue reading How to recruit volunteers

Christmas stories and poems to read aloud

I thought I'd let you know about some of the stories and poems I've read recently in my weekly read aloud groups for people who have dementia and memory loss. With Christmas fast approaching, you won't be surprised that there's  been a seasonal flavour to our choice of literature.  Whether or not you're living with… Continue reading Christmas stories and poems to read aloud

Reading with people who have dementia in Wiltshire

It's about six months since, working for The Reader Organisation, I set up four, weekly, read aloud, shared reading groups for people with dementia (or other illnesses affecting their memory) and their carers.  Three of the four groups, at libraries  in Warminster, Mere and Pewsey, are still up and running, but I've moved the fourth group from Purton… Continue reading Reading with people who have dementia in Wiltshire

The joy of reading, libraries and driving

New Year is starting to feel much older now and a weekly routine is emerging.  Two things I'm doing more of, so far, in 2014 are driving my car and spending time in public libraries.  There are about 140 miles between my house and the four Wiltshire libraries where I facilitate weekly shared reading groups for… Continue reading The joy of reading, libraries and driving

Starting and ending meetings with a poem

I've realised that deciding to publish a blogpost every week is much easier than actually doing it.  There have been several false starts.  I was going to write about waiting, since that is what I'm doing a lot of this week - this month, in fact.  I'm waiting to hear about poems I've submitted to… Continue reading Starting and ending meetings with a poem

Slaving over a good book

This week, in my new role as project worker for The Reader Organisation (TRO), I’ve been working hard to get ready for the shared reading groups that I’ll be facilitating, very soon, in Wiltshire.  This work has involved lots of reading.  Yes, I’ve been slaving over some good books. My first session for people with… Continue reading Slaving over a good book

The Reader Organisation

I wrote the post below when I first started working for The Reader Organisation: There might be a slight change in focus on my blog over the next 18 months as I settle into a new part-time job as a Project Worker for The Reader Organisation.  Part-time because I'm still very much part of my… Continue reading The Reader Organisation