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We read to remember who we are

I'm very grateful for the generous response I received for my previous post about my mother.  Thank you to everyone who read, liked or commented on my words and thank you to those of you who got in touch by email or through social media with your kind messages and thoughts about bereavement, families and… Continue reading We read to remember who we are

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Starting and ending meetings with a poem

I've realised that deciding to publish a blogpost every week is much easier than actually doing it.  There have been several false starts.  I was going to write about waiting, since that is what I'm doing a lot of this week - this month, in fact.  I'm waiting to hear about poems I've submitted to… Continue reading Starting and ending meetings with a poem

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Slaving over a good book

This week, in my new role as project worker for The Reader Organisation (TRO), I’ve been working hard to get ready for the shared reading groups that I’ll be facilitating, very soon, in Wiltshire.  This work has involved lots of reading.  Yes, I’ve been slaving over some good books. My first session for people with… Continue reading Slaving over a good book

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Work/Life/Writing Balance and a Book at Breakfast

It's been ten days of highs and lows since I took a new, part-time job with The Reader Organisation.  Probably the lowest hours were the five and a half spent travelling up to Liverpool on three, packed, over-heated trains, last Sunday afternoon and early evening.  The purpose of the journey was so I could spend… Continue reading Work/Life/Writing Balance and a Book at Breakfast

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The Reader Organisation

I wrote the post below when I first started working for The Reader Organisation: There might be a slight change in focus on my blog over the next 18 months as I settle into a new part-time job as a Project Worker for The Reader Organisation.  Part-time because I'm still very much part of my… Continue reading The Reader Organisation