January Update

paper variously coloured with swirling patterns laid out on a small round dining table

I've been having a lovely time making visual poems for my workshops at Trowbridge Museum which I wrote about here. This work lead me to think about ways to extend my visual poetry practice, greatly helped by an article by Geof Huth at the Poetry Foundation, and, in particular, the following quotes which gave me… Continue reading January Update

National Poetry Day (UK) 2022

The image is of fallen leaves, flowers and berries from the garden, arranged in three lines as if a haiku, with seven, five, seven items on each line. The text reads 'Autumn Haiku, National Poetry Day 2022'.

This year the theme for NPD is 'The Environment'. Here's a visual poem I made today, using fallen leaves, flowers and berries from the garden. Visual Poem by Josephine Corcoran I've made more visual poems like this and posted them on Instagram @andothermaterial and I also blogged about making visual poems with flowers here. Happy… Continue reading National Poetry Day (UK) 2022