Guest Blog: Anita Taylor talks about establishing a centre for drawing and contemporary art at Bridge House in Trowbridge

Very exciting to read this article on The Arts in Wiltshire Blog.

Dean of Bath School of Art and Design, Jerwood Drawing Prize Director, and artist, Anita Taylor talk about her visions for a new centre for drawing and contemporary art in Trowbridge, West Wiltshire.

The Arts in Wiltshire

Vestiges, Anita Taylor installed at Drawing Projects, Bridge House Vestiges, Anita Taylor installed at Drawing Projects, Bridge House

Drawing is both a sophisticated and vital means of thinking and communicating, and is readily accessible to all. As a primary visual language, essential for neurological development and enhanced communication and expression, drawing is perhaps as important as the development of written and verbal skills. The need to understand the world through visual means would seem more acute than ever; with images transcending many barriers of language and enhancing communications in an increasingly globalised world.

Alongside a need for drawing skills for those entering employment identified by a range of industries in the creative sectors – animation, architecture, design, fashion, film, theatre, performance and the communication industries – drawing is also widely used within a range of other professions as a means to develop, document, explore, explain, interrogate and plan, including in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine and…

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