Updates to my ‘about me’ page

The image is of two books written by Josephine Corcoran. The first one is called 'The Misplaced House'. It is predominantly black and white and has a photograph of two children and a mongrel dog on the cover. The second is called 'What Are You After?' and is predominantly blue.

I've recently made a few changes to this website/blog, including changing the site's WordPress theme and updating my 'About/Contact' page. Like other WordPress users, I've found some of the recent technical changes to WordPress difficult to navigate and I've considered switching to a different platform (maybe Substack? Are any of you using that?). But, for… Continue reading Updates to my ‘about me’ page

Do you blog from your phone?

I learned so much from my previous post and not only about poetry pamphlets and poetry collections! First, I learned that it's OK to quickly type a post and press publish: not every post requires hours of planning and drafting.   Second, it's OK to ask you (yes, you, dear reader) questions and seek out your opinion -… Continue reading Do you blog from your phone?

Does it really matter what your blog looks like?

I know, I know, another delaying/procrastination activity, but the truth is I seem to constantly want to change the look of this site. I don't if it's because I spend a lot of time (too much time, probably) staring at it but I often have a feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling that it isn't quite… Continue reading Does it really matter what your blog looks like?

Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

My poetry site And Other Poems turned three years old in August.  What started as an uncluttered  place for my own poems has grown into an online anthology of over 350 poems by more than 250 poets, archived at The British Library, and viewed more than 125,000 times.  In September 2015, my post 'Three poems by Tania Hershman' was… Continue reading Three years of ‘And Other Poems’.

Free online poetry courses

This post was originally published on 12 February 2015 but I'm going to keep adding to it as I hear of new courses. Here are the courses with links to registration forms and blurb from each site.  I might see some of you in class! NEW! Ten Premodern Poems by Women   - Stanford University - March 31 - June 9 Course… Continue reading Free online poetry courses