Putting on my poetry head.

Tomorrow I will put on my poetry head so I can write poems. It will be so easy. My work colleagues have already snapped my working head inside a polypropylene wallet. No emails to be spat out until Monday. My children will sit on my mother head while they're doing their homework or being driven … Continue reading Putting on my poetry head.

Breaking out of a routine and feeding your notebooks

This week I've been thinking about routines and making changes to my daily life.  As it's the first week of Lent, several people posted on Facebook that they were giving it up (Facebook, that is) for 40 days.  I was tempted to do this myself as, of all places online, it's Facebook that seems to suck … Continue reading Breaking out of a routine and feeding your notebooks

Poetry trickles in

Poetry trickles in between the fault lines of this working and family life; like water it finds openings. (Philip Gross, from an interview in Iota, Issue 88). I've had one of those tricky weeks when I've struggled to find time for myself,  especially for reading and writing.  It's more than that, though, I'm also craving … Continue reading Poetry trickles in