Ideas for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month in the USA and it's also when NaPoWriMo takes place. Regardless of where you live, here are some ideas for getting more involved in poetry during April.  If you develop any of these ideas into posts, leave a link to your blog in the comment section. read a poem a day keep… Continue reading Ideas for National Poetry Month

Ideas and prompts for NaBloPoMo

I won't be around for the whole of November (I'm going away for eight days) otherwise I would've been tempted to join in with National Blog Posting Month and publish a blog post a day for the whole of November.  However, if you're on a NaBloPoMo mission and are looking for some inspiration, here are… Continue reading Ideas and prompts for NaBloPoMo

Get ready for another #LossLit evening.

 Lose yourself all over again.  Join in with #LossLit.  Tweet your creative responses to do with 'loss'. It's been two weeks since writers Kit Caless and Aki Schilz, co-creators of#LossLit on Twitter and Storify,  talked to me about this exciting and innovative project which invites and curates submissions of tweet-sized micropoems and microfictions to do… Continue reading Get ready for another #LossLit evening.

Writing Flash-Fiction Workshop at Trowbridge Museum, 16th May, 2012

This post outlines all the writing prompts and exercises used in my two-hour writing workshop.  You might find it useful if you run writing workshops yourself  (I have included all credits, where possible, so please acknowledge this blog if appropriate).  You might like to use the exercises as writing prompts for your own writing or,… Continue reading Writing Flash-Fiction Workshop at Trowbridge Museum, 16th May, 2012