What are your writing plans for the summer?

What are your plans for the summer? Are things staying the same or do you have a project in mind? Maybe it isn't summer where you are but what are your plans, anyway? Here in the UK, I've been away from a regular, paid job since 1st May. This is intentional, I'm trying to use… Continue reading What are your writing plans for the summer?

Low Blogging Energy, High Writing Energy!

Is this a thing?  I think I'm experiencing it!  I'm ploughing through my unfinished poems and despatching them to magazines at rates previously unknown to me.  I have eight poems out with four different magazines.  As most magazines take between 4 - 8 months to respond to submissions, I've decided to send them in twos… Continue reading Low Blogging Energy, High Writing Energy!

Best wishes for Christmas

I'm writing at speed on Christmas Eve to wish you all a Happy Christmas. There have been times in my life when I've been completely alone on Christmas Day, times when I've been with friends, times with family, and twice when I was working (as a Nanny) in a foreign country with someone else's family.… Continue reading Best wishes for Christmas

Postcard from Spain.

I'm just back from a week in southern Spain with my family.  As well as swimwear and sundresses, I packed my notebooks, pens, draft poems and plenty of reading material, including these two books by Vicki Feaver.  Vicki was kind enough to send two new poems from her forthcoming collection to my poetry blog, And… Continue reading Postcard from Spain.

Neither a lark nor an owl

Today's Daily Prompt from WordPress, Because the Night - Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? - and being on holiday over Easter - has made me realise that I'm most productive as a writer, and most cheerful as a human being, when I'm a slave to no routine or alarm… Continue reading Neither a lark nor an owl

Breaking out of a routine and feeding your notebooks

This week I've been thinking about routines and making changes to my daily life.  As it's the first week of Lent, several people posted on Facebook that they were giving it up (Facebook, that is) for 40 days.  I was tempted to do this myself as, of all places online, it's Facebook that seems to suck… Continue reading Breaking out of a routine and feeding your notebooks