Listening to ‘Fountain’ by Ari Banias & other poems

I'm not convinced that the knee surgery I had just before Christmas to treat a meniscus tear has completely worked. There is still quite a lot of pain (which wakes me up at night) but I think the pain is better than it was before. Anyway, bla bla bla, health issues. I'm alive! And one… Continue reading Listening to ‘Fountain’ by Ari Banias & other poems

A Self-Help Book for Poets

As I mentioned before I've been on a 'sending off poems' spree recently so I'm now enjoying a lull in activities and catching up on some reading. This book (How (Not) to Get your Poetry Published, HappenStance Press, 2016) has had me gripped for the last few days.  I bought it for several reasons: I think it will be… Continue reading A Self-Help Book for Poets

On not spending money (to learn to write poetry)

One of the comments from my previous post about writing workshops has prompted me to say that you don't need to spend money in order to write.  I've sung the praises of workshops on this blog - and I am a fan of them - but don't kid yourself that you must go to workshops in… Continue reading On not spending money (to learn to write poetry)

Strategies for staying off the internet

Here are two houses: our holiday rental in Portugal and our home in the UK: Q. Apart from the weather, what else was different about my holiday in Portugal earlier this year? A. There was no wifi at the house. In the end, I decided that I like the internet and I felt cut off… Continue reading Strategies for staying off the internet

Why bother with Creative Writing courses and workshops?

Hello from my Summer Holidays! Hope you're all well. I'm taking a leaf out of Anthony Wilson's blog and re-blogging a few of my older posts while I'm in the land of intermittent wifi. The days seem longer here and I appear to be getting more done. That aside, I thought this short article I… Continue reading Why bother with Creative Writing courses and workshops?